9 Oops Moments Of Actress Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is often trolled on the social media for her absent-mindedness, and we have noticed something similar in her selection of clothes. Not once but nine times the actress has been a victim of wardrobe malfunction, or her selection of clothes has gone wrong.

Alia Bhatt at an event wore a very short dress, and while standing up her dress revealed more than required.

Alia and Varun Dhawan were at an award function and this time again Alia chose to wear a very short dress, and when she crossed her legs she had to take the help a certificate like a thing to hide all that was visible.

We feel Alia should be careful selecting a short dress, considering her so many ‘Oops Moments’ in past.

Not necessarily an oops moment but yes this kurta of Alia did give a sneak peak of her undergarments.

This incident was very popular and it happened during the promotion of the film ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’. When Varun Dhawan took Alia Bhatt in his lap and the see-through dress of Alia clearly showed that the actress missed wearing a panty under her dress.

This was a serious malfunction where Alia’s Short skirt was loose and slipping down so the actress had to hold it intact all through the event.

This actress was seen holding her skirt all through the event.

Here the actress’s love handles were visible through the dress, that clearly shows the actress must have taken her workout regime easily.

Here Alia’s Pink dress was off-proportion.  While it looked a nice short dress from the front, from behind it looked way too short and revealed more than required.

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